Saturday, November 29, 2014

Ray Rice Reinstated, Will Anyone Dare...???

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The HQ saw this coming a while back...

When it appeared that the NFL had gone after now-former Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice in a double jeopardy sense after the assault of his then-fiancee, Janay Palmer, in an elevator we thought the second suspension constituted what we thought.

Overzealous activity...

So, yes when judge Barbara Jones heard the case as an arbitor, we figured this would be her response:

"In this arbitration, the NFL argues that Commissioner Goodell was misled when he disciplined Rice the first time. Because, after careful consideration of all of the evidence, I am not persuaded that Rice lied to, or misled, the NFL at his June interview, I find that the indefinite suspension was an abuse of discretion and must be vacated," Jones' decision stated.

"I find that the NFLPA carried its burden of showing that Rice did not mislead the Commissioner at the June 16th meeting, and therefore, that the imposition of a second suspension based on the same incident and the same known facts about the incident, was arbitrary," Jones also wrote.

"The Commissioner needed to be fair and consistent in his imposition of discipline.

"Moreover, any failure on the part of the League to understand the level of violence was not due to Rice's description of the event but to the inadequacy of words to convey the seriousness of domestic violence. That the League did not realize the severity of the conduct without a visual record also speaks to their admitted failure in the past to sanction this type of conduct more severely."

Here's the rundown from Baltimore...

Now, the larger question: Will anyone hire him for the stretch run this season or will there be some kind of collusion/adverse reaction to public opinion that will keep Rice unemployed in the NFL...???

The HQ thinks the latter...

For a while...

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