Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Morning Wrap: GA Police Reopen Child Abuse Investigation of Dwight Howard


Cobb County (GA) Police are reopening a child abuse complaint lodged against Houston Rockets center Dwight Howard. Howard is from the Atlanta area.

The original complaint was investigated by Florida's DCF. We are assuming it's because that is where Royce Reed, the child's mother lives. Reed says Howard's  the 6-11 Rockets center went too far in disciplining the 7-year old child while visiting friends in Cobb County, just north of Atlanta.

Police told Atlanta TV station WSB they reopened the case that had been closed after an investigation in early October because some new information had been discovered. They did not tell the station what the information was.

The station also says the investigation is likely to be fast and not require Howard to show up and be interviewed.

Interesting. We wonder if this is being brought to light due to the Adrian Peterson situation. It does not sound, at least on the surface quite that serious. But it's very hard to tell.

Howard's attorney makes it sound like the mother, Royce Reed is seeking attention and trying to make Howard's life difficult. But if police are at least devoting resources and following up their initial investigation, they must feel like the possibility of there being something to the allegations may actually exist.

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