Thursday, November 20, 2014

The Dirty Dozen and Bottom of the Barrel: The Rick Rolled Edition

You are welcome. Try to get that out of your head....

For that matter, try and get the idea that the SEC may still get two of your College Football playoff berths out of your heads too.

Because it's probably going to happen. And there are going to be a lot of people who aren't going to be happy about it.

So, yeah, we're feeling musical as we look ahead to the week before Thanksgiving and the last chance for all of college football to make a statement.

Looking back at last week--7-2. Lots of BYE weeks. Oh, and we picked 'Bama, FSU and UGA to win. Not everyone did that. Makes us 113-29 on the season. Deal wit dat bitches!

But enough about me, it's time as the legendary Casey Kasem once said to get "On With the Countdown"...


1) FSU 10-0. Yep, we put the Seminoles, as much as we despise everything they stand for, at #1. They are undefeated, they haven't lost in 2 seasons. And because of that, they get to be #1.

Tell 'em Naitch:

This Week: vs. Boston College, Our Pick: FSU 43, BC 21

2) Alabama 9-1. Is this the best team like our CFB Playoff Committee says? Yeah, probably. But they lost a game this season. And to us, that matters. They've been dissed most of the season, but the Tide has gotten better every week. This Week: (CUPCAKE) vs. Western Carolina, Our Pick: Bama 47, WCU 10

3) Oregon 9-1. Quack, quack. Best front runners in the biz. They ran away from Utah after the goal line fumble and never looked back. When you've got Marcus Mariota, that can happen. Still not sold on them as a title team, but yeah, they'll probably be a Final 4 team. This Week: vs. Colorado, Our Pick: Oregon 47, Colorado 27

4) TCU 9-1. A Gary Patterson brain fart away from perfection. Sure, they're a Big 12 team with a ton of offense and very little defense. But that doesn't seem to matter these days. Trevone Boykin is awesome, and awesome will get you a shot at the title belt. This Week: BYE

5) Mississippi St. 9-1. The Bulldogs made a run at Bama after being dominated in the 1st half. But they shot themselves in the foot when it counted. Still, this is a pretty good team and Dak Prescott, yeah, he's pretty good too. They will probably end up in the playoff over TCU, but we don't agree with that. Just our opinion. This Week: vs. Vandy, Our Pick: Miss St. 35, Vandy 13

6) Ohio St. 9-1. We stick by our statement the Bucks are the most improved team in College Football over the course of the season. It mirror's J.T Barrett's growth. Are they Playoff contenders. Maybe not. But I wouldn't want to play them to find out. They are the kings of the Big 10 though. This Week: vs. Indiana, Our Pick: tOSU 37, Indiana 27

7) Baylor 9-1. Yes, we know, they beat TCU. But they lost badly to an ok West Va. team. And the schedule, outside the TCU and Oklahoma wins is oh, so soft. But they keep putting up big numbers every week and absolutely humiliated the Sooners in Norman. Which counts for something. This Week: vs. Oklahoma St., Our Pick: Baylor 51, Okie State 21

8) UCLA 8-2. Here's where things get dicey. The Bruins have been thoroughly unimpressive for the most part, but they are still very dangerous. They've gotten better each week. And they have Brett Hundley which counts for something. This Week: vs. USC, Our Pick: UCLA 37, USC 31

9) Ole Miss 8-2. The Rebs have lost the last 2 games that have counted. The offense may have gotten on track during their practice game vs. Presbyterian last week though. Injuries have decimated this team, but enough talent remains to cause havoc for others. This Week: at Arkansas, Our Pick: Ark 29, Ole Miss 23 UPSET!!!

10) Georgia 8-2. Their own worst enemies. But hey, they put together quite a game, totally dominating a good Auburn team last week. When the 'Dawgs' are on, they are dangerous good, when they remember who they are, they have a tendency to gag. Rather badly. And no, they won't miss Todd Gurley.  This Week: vs. Charleston Southern (Cupcake), Our Pick: UGA 51, Charleston Southern 10

11) Wisconisn 8-2. Any team featuring Melvin Gordon is going to be good. And dangerous. This is a very typical Wisconsin team, big, strong and outside Mr. Gordon, very slow. In other words a Big 10 team. They lost 2 close games, otherwise we'd be talking playoff team here. This Week: at Iowa, Our Pick: Wisconsin 47, Iowa 21.

12) Kansas St. 7-2. Never great, always good. Jake Waters has carried them, statistically they shouldn't be this good, yet they are. Though we thought they'd give TCU a better fight then they did. This Week: at West Va., Our Pick: West Va. 41, K-State 33


Yeah...congrats to Troy, who won their 3rd game and moved out of our poll. While they've been bad, we are happy they've been able to graduate to mediocrity, it's a big improvement. We are quite sure SMU has the Toilet Bowl title wrapped up, but Georgia State is giving them a run for their money.

Enough of that...

5) Tulsa 2-8. Didn't this used to be a dangerous team to play. Oh, wait, that was back in the 1990's, never mind. But hey, they did beat SMU, so they season wasn't a total loss. Okay, maybe it was. This Week: at Houston, Our Pick: Houston 53, Tulsa 31

4) Kent State 1-9. What is this? Their game this week has been delayed by snow? It's never a good sign when you have to go somewhere where the snow total has outscored you too. Maybe the Golden Flashes should just tell the MAC to skip it? This Week at Buffalo (maybe), Our Pick: Buffalo/Lake Effect Snow 12 Feet, Kent St 3

3) Idaho 1-9. Fear not potato fans, the season is almost...mercifully over. Sure, you haven't been "blown out" by anyone and you won a game. But it was vs. New Mexico St. Look at it this way, you aren't in Buffalo (snow). This Week: BYE

2) Georgia St. 1-9. Two successes this year. 1) They won a game. 2) They lead the nation in worst rushing attack and worst rushing defense. Not easy to do. No, we won't post a Jeopardy video here. Though we did think about it. Anyway. This Week: at Clemson (really?), Our Pick: Clemson 30 daily doubles, Ga. State 5 daily doubles (think about it)

1) SMU 0-9. Wow! The ponies almost beat South Florida. Almost. Though rumor has it, it's not that big of an accomplishment anymore. But hey, near victory!

Haha! Yeah, we referenced Johnny Drama. The Mustangs continue the march to the Toilet bowl with another Florida team. This Week: at UCF, Our Pick: UCF 37, SMU 10


Here's something new to get rid of the Rick Roll we threw on you to start this...

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