Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Morning Wrap: Niagara U Women's Basketball Team Rescued From Snowstorm


24 members of the Niagara University Women's Basketball program are undoubtedly thawing themselves out Wednesday after spending nearly twenty four hours stranded on a West Seneca, NY highway, riding out an immense snow storm.

The team was heading back to Northwestern New York via bus after playing in Pittsburgh Monday night.

They got just south of West Seneca on I-90, not too far from home in Buffalo, when the bus could go no further. Parts of Northwestern New York received up to 60 inches of snow in just over 24 hours.

Ever resourceful, the team reached out via Social Media to let people know what was going on and that they were okay. They had some good laughs and have a heck of a story to share with family and friends.

Early Wednesday morning, they were rescued. We're guessing most are sitting in front of a fireplace right about now.

Your TV story from WIVB in Buffalo--

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