Saturday, November 29, 2014

Pre Game Scuffle: Louisville's Bobby Petrino vs. KY Assistant Dan Berezowitz


Oh boy, this is rivalry week and during the buildup to said game, players sometimes do silly, stupid things like start fights before the game starts.

And on occasion the coaches get into it.

Saturday morning before the annual Louisville vs. Kentucky game the two squads got into a shoving match at or near midfield.

And it took while to get the players separated. But they finally dispersed.

The scuffle itself probably would not be that big a deal, outside the state of Kentucky, this isn't a game with huge implications.

But then some photos emerged---

Yes...that is Louisville Head Coach Bobby Petrino grabbing Kentucky assistant Dan Berezowitz by the collar.

We don't know yet what the game result will be, but we are pretty sure the highlights will not be better than this.

The only question is whether there will be fines involved...

And yes, some video leading up to that image exists:

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