Monday, November 17, 2014

Morning Wrap: Bakersfield Condors Hold Seinfeld Night


While Seinfeld may have been a TV show about nothing that aired in the 1990's, it has never been forgotten. It's a legendary TV sitcom, quoted by many of us "older" folks, even today.

And every once in a while, it's been used as the base of one heck of a promotion.

Check out what the Bakersfield Condors did this past weekend.

They held a Seinfeld night promotion. Including wearing "Puffy Shirt" jerseys. And the jerseys featured character names from the show on the back. (Creative no?)

The team had a variety of related promotions and a guy dressed up like the Kramer character working the crowd.

Unfortunately the Condors lost the game, 2-1 to the Idaho Steelheads, but the promotions team will be what's remembered from the night.

After the game, the jersey's were auctioned off for charity, including one the went for a reported $1800.

Well done Condors and Condors fans, well done...

Some video from the Condors their own selves.

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