Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Must Listen: Rick Neuheisel Sings the "I Don't Know" College Football Playoff Song

((ht: danpatrick.com))

We actually watched the simulcast of Dan Patrick's show Tuesday morning and were kind of half paying attention when former UCLA head football coach and current Pac 12 Football analyst Rick Neuheisel joined the show.

Figuring it was just going to be jibber jabber about the Pac 12, who is gonna win and who should be in the College Football playoff, we had no idea what was coming next.

Neuheisel, quite the troubadour, while on the phone, apparently grabbed his guitar and starts playing a song.

That song, sung to the melody of a Jimmy Buffet favorite named "Volcano", is called I don't know. And yes, we know, the words are changed to mirror the chase for the college football playoff.

It was impressive--

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