Saturday, November 22, 2014

Ohio H.S Playoff Game Ends in Brawl


Uh, this is never good.

The ending to Friday night's Steubenville vs. Beechcroft playoff football game in Zanesville, Ohio did not end well.

Stubenville had just pulled the upset, beating top ranked Beechcroft 29-21 in the regional finals when both teams ran out onto the field for the traditional "post-game handshake".

Only that handshake erupted into a end-to-end brawl between the two teams that required police to step in and help separate the teams.

Supposedly, the incident began on one of the last plays of the game when Big Red QB Dmitiri Collaros took a knee and was plowed into by Beechcroft's Takeyvon Simmons. That happened with just over a minute to go and after some pushing and shoving, both teams finished the last play.

It was the handshake that reset the hostilities.

According to the Columbus Dispatch, nobody was hurt nor arrested. The coaches for both teams declined to talk about the incident.

It's still too early to determine what the Ohio High School Athletic Association will do after the incident.

Here's your video from the Dispatch, who covered the game:

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