Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Wait, What? Shaquille O'Neal Kidnaps TMZ Photog


Oh, that Shaquille O'Neal guy, he's got a riotous sense of humor and apparently like Harvey Levin and TMZ so much that he calls them.

At least that's the reason the Shaq daddy used when he grabbed one of TMZ's photographers, had him get in the car and drive around town.

And Shaq kept saying over and over, "Harvey, you never called me back, so now I'm taking your guy".

Hahahaha! Hohohoho! Heeheehee!

Watch the TMZ video as the merry band of adventurers roamed the streets of Manhattan while O'Neal and the President of Icy Hot went on a product selling tour.

  Shaquille O'Neal -- KIDNAPS TMZ PHOTOG ... Hilarity Ensues
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