Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Developing: Adrian Peterson Suspended for Rest of NFL Season

It appears the 2014 season will be a total loss for Adrian Peterson.

Word is circulating that the Minnesota Vikings star running back has been told he will be suspended without pay for at least the remainder of this football season by the NFL.

Peterson has already missed 8 weeks while on the voluntary "Suspended With Pay Exemption" list after facing charges that he beat his 4-year old son with a switch.

He (Peterson), got a plea deal in that case and was not looking at any jail time. The NFL also told Peterson that any other violations of the "Personal Conduct Policy" could subject him to banishment from the NFL.

According to reports, if Peterson decides to appeal the decision, he will remain on the "Exempt" list during that time.

He has three days to decide whether to file that appeal.


The NFLPA did not wait, going immediately on record stating they will file an appeal on Peterson's behalf.

Also--the NFL and the Jolly Roger himself sent a letter to Peterson stating several terms of his potential reinstatement, which would not happen before April of 2015.

Among them:

---Peterson will be enrolled in counseling and treatment programs assigned by the league

Also, he explained the reasoning behind the decision which included:

---The use of the switch, which in the eyes of the league constituted a weapon.
---Inflicting injury on a child
---And the lack of meaningful remorse over what happened.

This should all be dealt with, one way or the other by the end of this week. With the 3-day limit on the appeal, we would anticipate the appeal would be heard very quickly.

As for what the NFL will do, well, they've already made that obvious.

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