Sunday, December 7, 2014

College Football Playoff Choices: The Most Popular Four Get Picked

Oh boy, the College Football crazies are going to be doing them some arguing today (Sunday).

The College Football Playoff committee announced the four teams that will be competing for the National Championship.

None of those four teams will come out of the Big 12.

Alabama, Oregon, Florida State and Ohio State will play a game January 1st in different locations to determine who will get a shot at the title a week later.

The surprise is Ohio State, 6th in the playoff rankings and most polls going into Championship Weekend, the Buckeyes leapfrogged both TCU and Baylor, who were ranked above them.

Playoff Committee chair Jeff Long cited a few reasons for this; among them Co-Champs in the Big 12 and Ohio States domination of a probably overrated Wisconsin in the Big 10 title game. Long was adamant that it was about what Ohio State did this week, not about what TCU or Baylor did.

We'd argue Kansas State would beat Wisconsin.

Long spoke at length about "Strength of Schedule", though we'd prefer to call it "Higher Publicity" or "Larger Traditions"...but we aren't on the committee.

The state of Texas is likely to get a bit angry about this and they've got a good argument. In OUR opinion, Ohio State winning "Big 10" games is not the same as TCU or Baylor winning "Big 12" games.

The Big 10 is much better known and represented, but the football...outside the Buckeyes, was abysmal or any other overrated adjective you can think of.

In the long run, no, it really doesn't matter what we think. College Football has never been a game that settled arguments on the field and is not set up to determine a true best team.

It's never been.

College Football is and always has been a popularity contest. No, this season did not provide anything clear cut. There were no real dominant teams. Very little separated them.

But in this scenario, Ohio State losing to a horrible Virginia Tech team meant nothing. And the Big 12 was penalized for not having a conference title game. Long admitted as much.

Anyway, enough ranting on our part.

Here's your semi-final matchups:

Sugar Bowl: Alabama vs. Ohio State

Rose Bowl: Oregon vs. Florida State....

Good luck fans, you have the 4 most popular teams in all the land to cheer for. May the best....or most popular team win.

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