Tuesday, December 9, 2014

DEVELOPING: UAB Faculty Senate Calls For No Confidence Vote On Watts

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The Faculty Senate at UAB has voted two different resolutions: one gives a vote of "no confidence" to President Ray Watts and the other is to restore athletics to its pre-blowing up status.

Watts, shockingly, did not attend the Senate meeting on campus. But he did issue a nebulous statement that wanted task forces and search committees to solve the problems.

Just what the school needs... to spend more money that you claim you don't have to solve the problems of athletics created by the university and CarrSports on Watts' behalf in the first place.

Here's the early view from campus

When microbiology professors are talking positives about the football program, you know things are way more messed up than we all thought from the outside.

Madison Underwood, over at AL.com, writes that 19 former Mr. and Ms. UAB scholarship recipients penned a letter to the university, the Senate, and the Board of Trustees claiming Watts' act won't go unnoticed:

"When we watched the video of President Ray Watts and how this news was delivered, we were appalled and saddened that any student would be treated that way, especially by the president of our university," the letter said. "Even the timing of the announcement during finals and just prior to graduation was insensitive at best."

In a section of the letter directed to Watts, the former scholarship recipients say, "we will not remain idle as you destroy our dear old UAB."

More when we know more...

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