Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Navy's New Uniforms And Viral Promo For Saturday Are Epic

((HT: CBS Sports/Navy Athletics))

For those of you who don't have it on your bucket list, the Army-Navy game should be for more than the obvious reason...

Navy's uniforms have, traditionally, gone out there a little bit and have been pretty cool.

This year, though, they took the next step...
One example...

From The Navy themselves is the explainer:

The Under Armour uniforms are inspired by the First Navy Jack. In 2002 Secretary of the Navy Gordon R. England ordered all United States Navy ships to fly the First Navy Jack with the "Don't Tread On Me" motto and moving rattlesnake in place of the regular Navy Jack for the duration of the global war on terror. The First Navy Jack, with its red and white stripes, was first used by the Continental Navy during the American Revolution.

On the uniforms, the "Don't Tread On Me" motto is embroidered into the hem of each jersey as well as the side of the pants, and right sleeve of the baselayer.

The 13 red and white stripes featured in the flag are incorporated into the shoulders of the jersey, knee insets of the pants, palms of the gloves, baselayer and socks.

Under Armour has designed a new N-Star logo using the red and white stripes of the flag with an interlocking rattlesnake, which will appear on the side of the helmets.

The HQ, though, really just wants to know where we can get the new gear...

And the Navy is one-upping their opponents with the following promo cut by Midshipman Second Class Rylan Tuohy

The HQ gives a ship- and you should, too...

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