Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Morning Wrap: Florida Makes Full On Blitz for Jim McElwain


So, there's now no question who the University of Florida is targeting for their vacant head coaching job.

The Gators definitely want Colorado State coach Jim McElwain to come back to the SEC. And in case you were wondering how serious the courtship is....check out this photo of Gator AD Jeremy Foley at McElwain's home:

Yes, it was taken at McElwain's home in Fort Collins, Colorado about an hour north of Denver where the Denver media and quite a few others spent their Tuesday night.

According to the Coloradoan Newspaper, the negotiating currently ongoing with Florida AD Jeremy Foley may involve McElwain's "Buyout" clause.

The paper says while the buyout as written in the coach's contract stands at $7.5 million, which is enough to scare most anyone off, it's not likely a school such as UF would actually have to pay that amount to hire McElwain away.

The buyout is apparently negotiable depending on the school that comes courting.

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Our guess is this deal gets done by the end of the week. The Florida contingent has not exactly gone out of their way to hide their interest nor has McElwain.

Arguably, he's the best potential hire the Gators could make. A guy familiar with the SEC and from the Nick Saban coaching tree who has had success as a head coach.

Yes, Florida is a high pressure job and a major overhaul is needed. But the resources to do that are already in place.

Expect an announcement by Monday.

Though we could be wrong....

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