Sunday, December 15, 2013

Hawknado an Atlanta Hawks Cheerleader Video: Yes, This Really Happened



We have as good a sense of humor as anyone and we know the intent of this video was to be funny and parody the Sharknado movie that aired on the SyFy network this summer.

The movie trailer is here:

However….the knock off done by the folks in marketing for the Atlanta Hawks, well, let's just say not only was it not good, it quite honestly wasn't bad funny either.

The premise was this. Put the cheerleaders in this faux trailer to help promote sales of their swimsuit calendar. The idea: to get people's attention to buy said calendar.

And on one level their may be a modicum of success here. It's making the rounds of many sports blogs this weekend. But it's making the rounds for the wrong reasons.

We applaud the Hawks for trying. Lord knows they need to do something to get people's attention. They are and have been a moderately successful team of guys most people have never heard of. And they don't exactly play to a packed house in Atlanta.

Our message to the folks in Video Production and marketing, keep trying guys. Eventually you'll hit something that will get you what you are looking for.

But unfortunately, this one ain't it…

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