Sunday, December 15, 2013

ICYMI: Famous Jameis is Your Heisman Trophy Winner (Now What Happens?)

We were watching this on TV last night at a Christmas Party and found the reaction very interesting.

To the surprise of few, but gasps of many not plugged into the sports world, Florida State redshirt freshman quarterback Jameis Winston won the 2014 Heisman Trophy.

The win by the 19-year old makes him the youngest winner in the history of the award. And while it wasn't unanimous, it was pretty close.

But it didn't come without questions either.

While it was pretty clear Winston was the best player off the field (he had amazing stats on the #1 team in the land), it's the off-field issue that raised the eyebrows.

Yes, he was exonerated on allegations he participated in the rape of a FSU coed in late 2012. But questions still remain. The victims attorney is emphatic there was a cover-up and evidence of Winston's participation was destroyed.

But it will likely never be proven.

In defense of the young Alabama native, it's very hard to shake allegations when they come forward. And the fact he admitted a relationship of some sorts with the victim makes it all the more awkward.

As someone on Sports talk radio said shortly after he was cleared, either he did something wrong or he didn't, but the truth probably lies somewhere in between.

We may never know.

Nor should it take away from the amazing season the young man had on the field. The leadership skills alone Winston showed should be enough to get him on everyone's best player list. And throwing for 38 touchdowns for a team who was rarely if at all challenged in a major conference, makes what he did that much more impressive.

Winston, coach Jimbo Fisher and his Seminoles have one more hurdle to clear this season, and that's a date in the BCS Championship game with the Cinderella Auburn Tigers. It's a game FSU is favored in, and a game that if he wins, will seal the greatness of Famous Jameis in college football lore forever.

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