Sunday, December 15, 2013

Mack Brown Does Resign From Texas: "It's Been A Wonderful Ride."

What a crazy, crazy week in Austin, Texas.

The rumors of Mack Brown resigning, Brown denying, Nick Saban taking the Texas head coaching job only to sign a very lucrative contract extension with Alabama then Brown staying at Texas.

What now?

Well one rumor turned out to be true, Mack Brown was resigning as the head coach of the Texas Longhorns.

Here's Mack Brown's statement:

"Sally and I were brought to Texas 16 years ago to pull together a football program that was divided. With a lot of passion, hard work and determination from the kids, coaches and staff, we did that. We built a strong football family, reached great heights and accomplished a lot, and for that, I thank everyone. It's been a wonderful ride. Now, the program is again being pulled in different directions, and I think the time is right for a change. I love The University of Texas, all of its supporters, the great fans and everyone that played and coached here. I can't thank DeLoss Dodds enough for bringing our family here, and Bill Powers and the administration for supporting us at a place where I have made lifelong friendships. It is the best coaching job and the premier football program in America. I sincerely want it to get back to the top and that's why I am stepping down after the bowl game. I hope with some new energy, we can get this thing rolling again."

Many Austin, Texas media outlets are reporting that Brown fought like hell to keep his job at Texas. 

A former Texas player who played for Mack Brown attributed the "instant gratification" crowd and the era of social media to Brown's resignation.

Thanks KVUE-TV, Austin, TX

Here's a look back at Mack Brown's career at Texas.

Thanks KXAN-TV, Austin TX

Mack Brown will coach the Alamo Bowl game December 30th against Oregon.

With one of the college football gems now open let the speculation begin as to who will coach Texas next.

You know the list will include Jim Harbaugh, Gus Malzahn, Jimbo Fisher, Art Briles and other big names.

Let the carousel spin.

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