Saturday, December 7, 2013

ICYMI: Temple Unversity Drops 7 Sports

And the non-big time BCS schools continue struggling to stay competitive.

Temple University announced on Friday the school would drop 7 sports in an effort to control costs.

Baseball, men's crew, men's gymnastics, men's outdoor and indoor track and field and women's softball and rowing are the sports impacted by the cuts. 150 athletes and 9 coaches are left without a program at the Philadelphia area school.

For their part, Temple says they don't have the money to upgrade their facilities in all their sports facilities, so they decided to concentrate on the ones they considered the most important. The school is a member of the American Athletic Conference.

Read more from the school's press release RIGHT HERE

Temple's football and basketball programs are the biggest programs. The football team has struggled mightily over the past few seasons and to Temple's defense, the cost of maintaining a top flight program is pretty steep.

But this is an indicator of an oncoming problem in college sports. Football is very profitable for SOME, but not most Division 1 schools. If you are a lower tier program in a smaller FCS conference that doesn't get the mega-TV deal, you struggle. And eventually it takes a toll on the school, it's budget and the athletics department.

You will see this happening more and more over the next few years....

One of Temple's athletes attending the announcement posted this video:

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