Thursday, December 12, 2013

Johnny Football Says He's Ready For The National Football League

Photo: Texas A&M Athletics 
[HT: Fort Worth Star Telegram]

Never accuse Johnny Manziel (aka, Johnny Football) of being to full of himself.

The 2012 Heisman Trophy winner will be seeking advice from others before making a final decision about the NFL Draft but Manziel self-assess himself rather high.

“In my mind, I think I am,” Manziel said in a press gathering.

That's a big hint as to Manziel's intentions following Texas A&M's Chick-Fil-A Bowl game against Duke.

I feel like I’m playing, for the most part, at a really high level of football. I’m putting the ball where I want it to be and I’m throwing it with a lot of velocity.” Manziel said.

Manziel did have a strong year finishing ninth in the NCAA in passing averaging 311 passing yards per game, just ahead of Jameis Winston who many feel will win the Heisman Trophy Saturday.

While Manziel will get the input from his head coach Kevin Sumlin and from George Whitfield, Jr. who privately tutors quarterbacks.

You don’t want to go and be unprepared for the National Football League and leave two years on the table." Manziel said. "It all comes down to making the best decision for you. Whether you’re ready. Whether teams are quarterback-needy. You look at all your factors.”

Manziel will but you get the impression his mind is made up and will play his last game for the Aggies at the Chick-Fil-A bowl.

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