Saturday, June 14, 2014

And Costa Rica Tells Uruguay To Stick It


A lot of firsts, except for Jon Champion calling both of the early shockers in the soccer matches in Brazil...

Costa Rica gets their first win in over a decade in the competition and they put THREE in Uruguay in a decisive 3-1 win. Cavani put home a PK in the 24th minute to give the Uruguayans and their smedium uniforms a 1-0 lead. They carried the lead into the break and then, well, they broke.

The Ticos scored the most goals ever in a game with Campbell, Duarte, and Urena knocking it in the net. Maxi Pereira picked up a red card for a silly challenge on Campbell and it's on in Group D.

There was a question about the Duarte goal and whether or not the play should have been whistled offsides...
But the Urena goal had a great amount of slice spin on it for the dagger

And now Uruguay has to fight uphill for the rest of Group stage

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