Thursday, June 5, 2014

Brian Burke Went All Brian Burke On The Calgary Chamber

((HT: CBC/The Score))

Calgary Flames President Brian Burke thinks that there's one building in the National Hockey League worse than his own at present- the Nassau Coliseum. And when you think that only a building that leaks and has rats is better than yours, you're trying to make a point.

With their Alberta neighbors in Edmonton having their own new barn being built, Burke had an opportunity to say his peace in a lunch with the Calgary Chamber of Commerce.

Some of the key conversation:

"We need a new arena in Calgary. There is absolutely no reason we should watch a new building going up in Edmonton, and we should play in a 1988 arena here.

"Lower bowls in a newer arena are nine thousand seats minimum. Ours is what, six? So we are not generating revenues like other NHL buildings are,"
Burke said. "The weight load that the roof will bear is tiny, so a lot of the big stage acts don’t come here. So it’s not just what a hockey team gets, what it adds to a hockey team, it’s what it does to a downtown core."

Well, okay, sure...

This video, put out by a firm called Populous earlier this year gave folks hope- only with a central logo on an ice surface and not even mentioning publicly the idea of a new arena.

Calgary Flames President Ken King denied any talks were ongoing about a new barn. The City Council has even gone public saying there's no new money for a building even if there were talks going on.

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