Monday, June 2, 2014

DEVELOPING: NPSL Pensacola City FC's Joe-Tyla Butcher Responds To New Owner Statements

Earlier today, OSG Sports reached out to Pensacola City FC's former players to gauge their response to the new questions put forth to the team owner, Bill Fetke.

Defender Joe-Tyla Butcher came forward with his response to the new statements:

The fact that Bill is still maintaining that the players were drunk before the Chattanooga game is ridiculous, I can vouch for the players that none were out drinking the night before that game. I know for a fact all the boys at the fountains were asleep by 11 that night and most definitely didn't drink or go out and that vouches for about half the team. And the fact that Bill is saying we all played very poorly in a 1-0 defeat to the best side in the league is ridiculous, the coaches asked the players to play two, some even three (if involved in the reserve game which 13 players on our roster were) 90 minute games, one at 4 and 7 on Saturday and the second at 1 on Sunday, less than 24 hours apart, the third game being played in mid day heat at 95 degrees. On top of that the coaches only made one change to the starting line-up for Sunday, meaning 10 players were playing in both games or some even 3 games, 4 players went down with cramp in that game which only shows you that the demand on the players to play two 90 minutes in that heat in such quick succession just isn't realistic. Especially when you are playing the best side in the league who are going to dominate possession against most teams they play. Another decision which has to question the footballing knowledge of the coaches if im honest.

Its funny that he uses the Chattanooga game as an example because we only lost 1-0, to a very good side who honestly deserved to beat us on the day and we played a game the night before. Knoxville lost 4-0 last night to Chattanooga after not playing for days and being fresh, so I think if you compare the two we really didn't do that badly. Especially with the depth that Chattanooga have on their roster compared to other teams in the league.

And i'd just like to say that the players aren't not kicking other players out the apartments, but obviously if you stay in the apartments into June, then you come liable and responsible to contribute to the rent and utilities, which due to all us training and playing everyday in may and not working just isn't realistic. So he is indirectly evicting players by not paying the rents which he committed to pay, Bill's not a stupid guy, he obviously kicked us out on May 28th so that he wasn't liable to support the players for another month. Luckily enough for me I have managed to sort out other arrangements and I am not stuck in Pensacola but I know that some of the boys are still stuck there, and i'd like to say that the Armada (the fan group) are doing a great job trying to help out the players still in Pensacola. Bill can try and switch the blame onto the players, but everyone involved with the club knows what really went on and regardless of his reasons he left the players with very little options or time to figure anything out. You can see he is embarrassed from the fact that he deleted everyone on Facebook and deleted the teams profiles, probably to avoid any more questions or abuse from players or outsiders observing the situation. If he felt he was in the right, then why would he have done that?

OSG Sports also reached out to midfielder Remy Moulard- Moulard is waiting for his appointment with a specialist to finally know about the extent of his injury. Also quoting:

But if Mr. Fetke told me all my medical bills will be covered (included physio), the housing and food are not even [included] If I can't move

Players are still looking for new homes to play and ways home if they're not playing in the league.

More when we know more...

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