Wednesday, June 11, 2014

ICYMI: LSU Star DB Arrested, Jailed and Suspended From Team


It this moment that LSU and coach Les Miles might need a new defensive back.

Jalen Mills, a two year starter at cornerback, was arrested Wednesday morning. The arrest stems from  a May incident at his apartment where he's charged with punching a female n the mouth.

Mills is facing 2nd degree battery charges. LSU's Sports Information Office says Mills has been "Suspended" from the team.

According to the Police report, the woman knocked on Mills's door looking for a friend. Mills allegedly got angry and shut the door in the woman's face. The report also says the woman knocked again, turned to leave and after hearing something, turned back around and was punched in mouth.

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The part of this story that is disturbing follows:

The woman, who was allegedly knocked unconscious and got stitches put in her lip, contacted police on or around May 29th. And Baton Rouge Police got ahold of Mills on May 29th.

He told them he was in Houston and wouldn't be back until June 9th. They made arrangements to talk in person that day.

Mills never showed up for the meeting or answered his phone. That's when the arrest warrant was taken out.

So, here is a question--If you knocked a woman out cold and left town, would police bring you back? Maybe, maybe not.

If you knocked a woman out who wanted to press charges and identified you in a lineup, would not an arrest warrant be taken out on you? And would the local P.D not be asked to round you up?

Yeah, they probably would. Oh, wait, you play football? Okay, maybe not then....

Unfortunately, LSU has a track record of having a short term memory on things like this. (See Hill, Jeremy). So while Mills is "Suspended Indefinitely", we are suspicious how long "Indefinitely" will be.

You're up Les...

WAFB-TV has more:

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