Sunday, June 8, 2014

Steve Coburn Stands By His Comments The Day After

((HT: The Blood-Horse))

California Chrome co-owner Steve Coburn is still talking up the lack of a Triple Crown winner in his horse after yesterday's fourth-place finish in the Belmont Stakes.

He had an interview with Lindsay Czarniak on "Good Morning America" this morning that is making its way across all ABC/ESPN platforms and he's still sticking with his "three" statements when it comes to a horse being named a champion.

And he's also sticking with his analogies to make his point
The folks over at The Blood-Horse were there as well...

OSG Sports has been getting response on the Twitter Machine about what you think about the Triple Crown crowning...


I agree with the California Chrome owner. Horses should be required to run all Triple Crown races to have a shot at the trophy.


That's exactly my point! If they haven't raced in the first two they shouldn't be allowed

Okay, we've heard from them... What about the rest of you...???

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