Thursday, July 3, 2014

Eric Wynalda Does Not Like How US Soccer Was Set Up, Either...

((HT: Dan Patrick Show/Audience Network/NBCSN))

Landon Donovan was asked about what he thought when it came to Team USA's efforts in Brazil. He admitted that he thought the team wasn't set up to succeed.

The HQ would agree noticing that there was no substitute for Jozy Altidore up front (No Johnson or some such striker) and the team, offensively, seem to rope-a-dope their way through the Germany and Belgium matches waiting for a transitional opportunity to score.

Eric Wynalda appeared on the "Dan Patrick Show" and was not pleased either- bringing up points that we hadn't even considered- and even dropped an s-bomb early in the interview since he was so apoplectic about it.

It was noticed by Dan, who gave him a warning...

So there... we hadn't even thought about the whole "Michael Bradley-being out of position" thing, but we did notice that he was not around offensively as much as the entire country would have liked...

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