Thursday, July 3, 2014

Lutzie Remembered At Lassiter High

((HT: Auburn Athletics/Lassiter High School))

The Auburn and Lassiter families came out in force to remember former Trojans and Tigers tight end Philip Lutzenkirchen at his first alma mater last night just north of Atlanta.

The head coaches of Lutzie in Atlanta and Auburn, Chip Lindsey and Gus Malzahn, along with Auburn Athletics Director Jay Jacobs, and former teammates and alums joined the Lutzenkirchen family to celebrate the life of someone who wanted to be remembered more for his activities off the field than on them.

Here's Malzahn speaking at the ceremony

And some of Jacobs speech
((HT: Scott Forester))

And the video put together by the University that showed at the ceremony

Echoing the sentiments of Lutzie's father at the ceremony, the HQ would like to remind everyone to wear your seatbelts.

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