Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Add Washington to List of NFL Teams Trying to Ban Phil Simms

Okay, so we aren't huge fans of CBS Sports lead NFL analyst Phil Simms, but he's certainly not the worst guy on TV.

But according to the ignorant masses in Denver and Washington, he's a biased fool who should be off the air. Or at least that's the impression being put out.

Denver Bronco fans started this bizarre story by organizing a change.org petition after Sunday's Broncos/Chiefs game to have Simms removed. It's gotten over 28,000 signatures.

You can look at the petition HERE

The cover says :


CBS please ban Phil Simms from Broadcasting anymore Bronco games. We do not know why he is assigned to the Broncos games every year. It is sure and complete torture for us Bronco fans to have to listen to his biased drivel every week. Please hear us out on this, we are tired of Phil Simms in Denver.


It's really sad to see how many moronic NFL football fans there are in the world. This may be a sterling example of it.

Among the gems:

"Phil Simms is one of the most biased broadcasters (Cris Collins worth is the other). He is supposed to broadcast the game not throws his worthless opinions always against the Broncos."

"I don't like his face"

"Just like news, sports commentary should offer fact and unbiased opinions. If one can't keep his jaded opinions out of the game, he shouldn't be paid to do the job"

"He obviously doesn't like the Broncos. It's not the fans fault his son couldn't play"

We're guessing these dumb asses don't understand an analyst is supposed to analyze and offer his thoughts and opinions about what is happening. Of course the face is another issue.

What's worse, it's growing. The mentally inferior fans of Washington's NFL team have started their own petition.

They, or at least the group in the petition, are angry he won't use the name of the team during the broadcast. Something tons of News organizations, businesses and others have began to do because it's...oh, a racial slur....

The comments are quite funny:

"If the man can't pronounce the word "Red-----" then he needs to go"

"I feel that he is disrespectful towards my heritage for not say reds--- and trying to speak for us as native Americans"

"Redsk--- is a term of love & strength"

The petition is approaching 1,000 signatures.

Okay, now we rant....

This is perhaps one of the most idiotic things we've ever heard. Sadly, you could take a poll of fans for just about any team in the pros or even college and they'll say the announcers are biased, the refs are biased etc.

It's the same misguided, blind, foolish logic the predominates almost every political argument too. People hear what they want to hear. You read a sentence about an issue to 100 people and it's likely at least 25 of them will not interpret it the way it's intended.

The stupidest part of all this petition stuff---the reasoning. Denver fans think he hates them because they, along with a couple other teams cut his son?


Much like politics, you can take someone's statement and spin it anyway that makes it okay for you. And these days, everyone on TV is accused of being biased because they might say something that YOU don't like or agree with. Just because they say it, (a) doesn't mean it's not true and (b) is being said because they hate you.

Yeah, we know, we are perpetuating stupidity by reporting on this, but it really pisses us off. The OSG has over 60-years of combined experience in Sports Media and to this day have NEVER met a play-by-play guy or a game analyst who've had or acted on any vendetta against any team they've covered.

We challenge anyone who can prove (not offer opinion) that someone has it out for their team to come forward. **And no, Phil Simms criticizing one of your players for missing a block doesn't count***

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