Saturday, September 20, 2014

How Does This Happen? Indiana Beats Mizzou in Mizzou

No, really, this happened today. We aren't making it up to make the Little 10 and Jim Delany happy.

Somehow,  the lowly Indiana Hoosiers pulled off the first Big 10 upset...or victory of significance this season.

The Hoosiers disposed of a stunned group of Missouri Tigers 31-27 Saturday afternoon.

Tevin Coleman ran for 132 yards and a touchdown, but aside from that, nobody did anythings significant in this game to turn it one way or the other.

There was only 1 turnover and Missouri had the ball for over 33 minutes, yet the 18th-ranked Tigers still lost.

The Hoosiers were coming off a disheartening loss to Bowling Green, yet they had enough to beat the defending SEC East Champs. Setting off tons of head shaking amongst the SEC acolytes who cannot conceive of a Big 10 team beating them.

Yet it happened...

--shrugging shoulders-- Maybe this will be the game that turns the corner for the Little 10, Michigan was again getting beat, search parties are still looking for Ohio State. Only Michigan State left one of the so-called "Power 5" conference teams with any hope of getting to the College Football playoff.

Here's the game-winning TD by D'Angelo Roberts with :22 left in the game.

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