Sunday, September 21, 2014

Has Brady Hoke Reached Turbo-Fired Status Yet...???

((HT: Pac-12 Network))

So, just how fired is Brady Hoke right now...???

We ask because after a 26-10 loss to UTAH... yes, UTAH!!!

Rich Rodriguez is 4-0 and Michigan is not...

Here's the big story from the Big House

So, the HQ guesses you could say both the weather and Utah stopped the Wolverines.


  1. Hoke is a dead man walking, they just haven't told him yet when the execution is, I believe that he should be let go immediately and an interim coach appointed, an end of year search doesn't work (see RR firing)

  2. Hoke keeps saying ( we have a young team ). this is because every incoming class has to replace the players hoke is not developing. enough is enough !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!