Monday, September 29, 2014

OTL: Jovan Belcher's Brain Had CTE Traces

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Steve Delsohn's story on the two years since the death of Kansas City Chief Jovan Belcher, really, is no surprise.

In 2012, Belcher would kill his wife and child in the early morning hours of December 1st. The ensuing investigation after the exhuming of his body yielded the possibility of the Tau protein in his brain that is an indicator of CTE.

The hook from Delsohn:

If it can be shown that Belcher did have CTE, Belcher's daughter and mother, together, would be eligible for up to $4 million under the proposed concussion settlement between the NFL and former players. Furthermore, the lawyers representing Belcher's daughter have filed a wrongful-death lawsuit against the Chiefs on her behalf. Belcher's mother, with different attorneys, filed an almost identical suit.

Here's discussion of the lawsuit at the time
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Word was that Belcher's mother had the idea that her son's brain should be examined to determine if concussions could have been a cause or "the" cause in the behavior Jovan Belcher exhibited in, eventually, killing Kasandra Perkins and his 3-month-old daughter.

Scott Pioli was the Chiefs GM at the time and was standing in front of Belcher when he committed suicide. He addressed the subject at the Roman Numeral Classic after the year was over.
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