Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Hockey Returns: First Fight of the Year

((ht: cbssports.com))

Ah...cooler weather, changing leaves...and hockey. All signs that fall is upon us and winter is but right around the corner.

And as the calendar quickly approaches October, so begins the NHL season. But right now, it's only in the form of exhibition games.

But that apparently doesn't mean practice like the NFL does.

At least not for Wayne Simmonds of the Philadelphia Flyers. Watch as Simmonds checks Korbinian Holzer of the Toronto Maple Leafs into the boards after the whistle.

Holzer, none too pleased, shoves Simmonds. And Mr. Simmonds, well, he responded by two big roundhouse punches and a shove back.

Low and behold as Mr. Holzer ends up on the ice, Simmonds ends up ejected and more than likely will be fined.

God bless the Hockey...

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