Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Ha! Cuba Gooding Jr Wins Shoot The Puck Celebrates By Undressing


Hey, count me among those that weren't aware Cuba Gooding Jr still rated as a celebrity. I don't remember him being in a movie other than Jerry Maguire though undoubtedly he has.

Mr. Gooding Jr. is also apparently a hockey fan with a decent skill set. Or at least puck handling skills.

The reason we say this: Check out the video of him stepping up at a Chicago Blackhawks preseason game the other night.

Brought on the ice to participate in the incredibly difficult (try it if you don't believe us) "Shoot the Puck" game, Gooding absolutely nails the 3rd shot.

And proceeds to celebrate by walking down the ice, shedding his jacket and shirt for no apparent reason.

Celebrate Mr. Gooding Jr., celebrate...

Video proof:

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