Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Cap One Cup: Liverpool Advances After 15 Rounds of PK

((HT: Beanyman Sports))

The match between Liverpool and Middlesbrough took almost two and a half hours to complete- with the teams going into the 15th round of penalty kicks before it was decided in the bottom half off a Boro miss...

Here's the highlights

And manager Brendan Rodgers discussing a long night

Albert Adomah, for the record, is the Boro player who punched his shot wide in the bottom of the 15th after a spirited comeback at Anfield by a squad that didn't seem all that bent out of shape having to play a 4th Round game on the road.

Threr were, probably, a lot of records set in the match. But Liverpool advances into the Round of 16 with the other 6 squads who join the 10 advancing today tomorrow.

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