Sunday, September 28, 2014

Record Breaker: Watson Brown Breaks NCAA Loss Record

Watson Brown is probably the last of a dying breed in the coaching business.

A good man who does things the right way and now the holder of a record not likely to be broken: Most losses by a College Football coach with more than 10-years experience.

Brown lost his 200th game as a coach Saturday when his team, Tennessee Tech got beat by Northern Iowa 50-7.

The scary part for this incarnation of a Brown team, they had 92 total yards of offense in the game. 84 of which came on a TD run by Radir Annoor.

Watson Brown, the brother of former Texas and North Carolina coach Mack Brown now has a career coaching record of 128-200-1. He's been a head coach for the better part of 29 seasons and made stops at Austin Peay, Vanderbilt, UAB, Cincinnati and Rice.

In this era of what have you done for me today coaches, Brown's record is not likely to be broken. Few coaches who lose at Division 1 schools get more than 2 or 3 seasons and some less than that. And those who lose at more than one place, rarely get another chance.

That being said, there are few coaches more respected or well liked then the well traveled Brown.

Will he survive at Tennessee Tech, a small school in the Tennessee mountain town of Cookeville? We don't know. The Golden Eagles don't have a tradition of success. They are not a "Power 5" school. Heck, they don't even play FBS football.

But in this era of schools living on football money, it will be difficult for them to keep Brown around considering how bad his team is.

ESPN sent Tom Rinaldi to do what he does in this awesome story:

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