Friday, September 26, 2014

Whoa! UCLA Kicks It Up a Notch Runs Away From Az. State


It was supposed to be a battle of two top 15 ranked teams. And by all expectations, the game was supposed to be a close one.

And for about a quarter or so, the Arizona State vs. UCLA game was close.

Then the Bruins scored 28 points in 7 minutes on the strength of a 95-yard interception return and 100-yard kickoff return by Ishmael Adams and annihilated the Sun Devils 62-27.

Yes, 62-27.

The two teams combined for 1200 yards of offense and believe it or not Arizona State ran 105 plays, quite a few more than the Bruins.

But Adams speed and Brett Hundley's 4-touchdowns and 355 passing yards were more than enough to prove State may have, well, been overmatched.

Your highlights from FOX Sports:

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