Wednesday, September 17, 2014

And, Now, AP Is "Exempt..." Until Further Notice


Nothing like a middle of the night missive...

The Wilf's have decided to go against their previous team decision and now have placed Adrian Peterson on a Commissioner's Exempt List- which the HQ thinks only Michael Vick was on previously.

AP has been "asked," "encouraged," or whatever verb you can pick for this situation to stay away from all Vikings team activities until further notice- when his legal issues are taken care of through legal channels.

Here's the morning news- or the "middle of the night" news...

The Wilfs made the decision to avoid any kind of exposure in front of cameras until they could control the situation for their own benefit- translation: a press conference where they may or may not show up themselves and can have GM Rick Spielman defend an undefendable position.

A press conference is set for later this morning and we'll update you then...

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