Wednesday, September 17, 2014

NFL and Players Association Modify Drug Testing Program

This probably is a long time coming for the NFL and the NFLPA. In the dust of last weeks "Worst Week Ever" for the NFL, the league came to an agreement with it's players association on multiple improvements to their drug testing policy.

Among the changes:

---Increasing the threshold for a positive marijuana test and additional steps will be put in place for positive test before players are suspended.

---Independent arbitrators will hear appeals for positive tests.

---DUI's: 2 game suspension for anyone convicted or pleading to driving under the influence. This is contrary to the NFL's request of issuing discipline upon request.

---Amphetamines: 1st positive test in the offseason without a pre ordained exemption will be evaluated under the Substance Abuse Policy. Any positive test during the season without exemptions will be considered automatic violation of the policy.

---HGH: Testing will begin this season. Players are able to challenge the results and testing will not happen on game days.

---Finally, 3 players retroactively suspended will be immediately eligible. Wes Welker, Orlando Scandrick and Steadman Bailey are able to return to their teams. The fate of Rashad Jones is still up in the air. And suspended wide receiver Josh Gordon will be eligible to return to the Cleveland Browns on Week 11 instead of the original season long ban he was facing.

What does this mean? Hopefully not much other than the league and it's players will be more responsible. And yes, we, like you have our doubts about that...

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