Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Contradiction: Victims Lawyer Says Jameis Winston's Lawyer Offered to Pay Them Off


Quickly on the heels of a statement released by the lawyer for Florida State University QB Jameis Winston, saying the woman accusing Winston of sexual assault wanted to be bought off, comes a direct contradiction.

John Clunie responded to a report on that said Winston's lawyer David Cornwell was saying Clunie's client was looking for $7 million to go away and never be heard from again.

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Clunie said it was actually Cornwell who reached out to the woman's original lawyer, Patricia Carroll with intent to by the accuser off. And that after being rejected on the phone, Cornwell showed up at Carroll's office in Tampa to negotiate in person.

Clunie added during that meeting; "Settlement discussions were immediately unproductive as Cornwell was crude and insulting going as far to say 'your client likes to @#$! football players'"

He added that Cornwell accused the woman of waiting to file a complaint until 2-years later when in fact she came forward after FSU approached her in October of 2013 investigating Winston for allegations of a second report of misconduct against another woman.

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All this legal "He said, she said" adds yet another layer to a very bizarre investigation that stemmed from an incident in 2012. The D.A in Leon County declined to move forward with charges and FSU is alleged to have barely investigated the incident in which neither party denied there was a sexual incident of some sorts.

The stories are a bit different and the summary investigations, or lack thereof has FSU the target of a Title IX investigation by Federal Investigators.

Winston, according to his lawyer is said to be cooperating in that investigation, which would be a contradiction of all the others, which he didn't.

It will be interesting to see what happens when the latest investigation closes in the next few weeks.

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