Saturday, September 20, 2014

While We Were Sleeping: FSU Benches Jameis Winston for Entire Game

The Lack of Self Awareness tour of Heisman Trophy Winner Jameis Winston continues.

While we were sleeping, late Friday night, Florida State University released a tersely worded statement announcing their star quarterback with judgement issues would sit out the entire game Saturday night against Clemson.

The reason, though not initially stated is that Winston wasn't totally truthful when describing what happened to Coach Jimbo Fisher or administrators earlier this week.

According to multiple witnesses and a ton of Twitter traffic, Winston inexplicable jumped on a table in the FSU Student Union and yelled out a vulgar internet meme.

That unto itself, if were a random student would not be a punishable event or even noteworthy. But when you are the defending Heisman Trophy winning quarterback on the defending National Champion football team, you are held to a bit of a different standard.

Combine that with Winston's two well documented run-ins with the law since he's been in Tallahassee and you've got a recipe for someone who needs to learn, badly, that there are repercussions for being an idiot.

We, and many others, question whether he realizes this.

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