Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Bama Fan Blindsided By Local Cop In Oxford

((HT: f_s_brown's Instagram))

Not to be confused with Saban's police force taking down someone who was stupid enough to approach over the weekend...

The Oxford, Mississippi police didn't take too kindly to Alabama fan that wanted to throw something onto the field in protest either...

Oxford PD - 1 Alabama Fan - 0 This guy had been throwing things at fans leaving the field. #hottytoddy #beatalabama #oxfordpd #takedown #fightclub #collegegameday #espn @creevesbrown @liltaybrown @pigeontoedninja @austin_gunter770 @a_brown52

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So, it looks like, by the end of the weekend it was: Cops 2, Idiots 0

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