Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Report: NFL Begins to Spin Their Ray Rice Efforts

((ht: abcnews.go.com))

Oh boy. We should have known this might be coming but never the less it's interesting to see how the NFL's PR machine is spinning how the league "investigated" the Ray Rice incident.

The NFL's chief spokesman went to ABC News and told them about "efforts" to uncover the Rice video and a detailed report of what happened.

It doesn't appear the leagues investigative arm spent a lot of time worrying about it.

McCarthy tells ABC that the league "Reached out to multiple law enforcement agencies and a court" in an effort to get to the bottom of what happened.

The NFL tried two more times to ask agencies completely unrelated to the investigation over the next 4-months to try and get more information about what happened.

They got nothing

Read the entire ABCNews story RIGHT HERE


This is the "Vaunted" NFL Security at work? Really?

The NFL wants YOU to believe that calling the wrong agencies and not following up was enough to say they "thoroughly" investigated a crime committed by one of their players?


Even a rookie journalist would have known who to call for more information about the incident. And while they may not have gotten any further, at least they would have officially known that.

ABC also mentioned that the NFL never tried to contact either agency who actually had the Rice video. Maybe they didn't know who to call.

But at least a cursory call to oh, say, the Atlantic County (City) Prosecutor's office might have been a good place to start.

It's appalling that the NFL actually is selling this storyline to news agencies. And we just hope than none of them buy into the line of crap.

They are essentially calling their "Security" arm incompetent, stupid and not particularly thorough. And hey, maybe they are to blame for the lack of follow up. It would also explain why the league has been more concerned about marijuana suspensions than actual serious crimes over the past decade or two.

But if this truly IS the story that they are floating about what they've been doing, they've got quite a bit more to worry about...

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