Tuesday, October 7, 2014

OSG High: Sayreville High FB Season Cancelled Amid Bullying Scandal

((HT: NJ.com/Stanmyre))

The HQ is (at the same time) disgusted, not surprised, and pretty pissed at what seems to be going down at Sayreville High In New Jersey at present.

The football team has won three titles in the last four years- but they won't win one this season since the school superintendent suspended the rest of their schedule (and the schedules of the middle school and junior varsity squads as well) after an investigation found:

"there was enough evidence to substantiate there were incidents of harassment, intimidation and bullying that took place on a pervasive level, on a wide-scale level, and at a level in which the players knew, tolerated and in general accepted."

Here's the latest from the high school

So we have alleged hazing that was out of control and, in a separate investigation, a coach resigned amid allegations of steroid possession.


The investigation is ongoing and Sayreville's coaches and other school personnel are being told not to comment on a matter that is under review.

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