Monday, November 3, 2014

AHL Goalie Knocks Over Net to Stop Breakaway Attempt


Well, that's one way to stop a 2 man breakaway bearing down on you.

Take a look at what Bridgeport Sound Tigers goalie David Leggio did in order to prevent a 2 on 0 rush against him.

Uh, yeah. He pushes the goalie net off its mount.

Which is a penalty, even in the American Hockey League. And prevented a likely goal because the officials whistled the play dead at that point.

But...there's more.

The penalty meant that Springfield Falcons winger Dany Tyrell got a free shot on goal. A penalty shot.

But Leggio stopped that shot, saving his team a goal.

Alas, it did not prevent the loss. Springfield got the 4-3 win. But it has made the 30-year old Leggio quite the internet star.

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