Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Chattanooga Race Has Marathon Record, Except It's Not...


Tabatha Hamilton won a marathon in the Chattanooga area over the weekend.

Her time was absolutely amazing- a world record by more than two full minutes. But there's an issue. Hamilton was disqualfied because of her time that was registered through her chip and her splits.

She would have run the back half of her marathon in less than 50 minutes- beating the men's record in the half and shattering the women's record by almost ten minutes.

Michelle Heron actually found Hamilton to find out her side of the story...
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Zersenday Tadese has the men's record at 58:23

While Florence Kiplagat has the women's mark at 65:12 this past February in Barcelona

If Hamilton got the win, good for her... But the whole chip-thing...???

The HQ isn't holding it's breath...

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