Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Football Players Rescue Man By Lifting Truck Off Him


That legend where the big muscular guys come and physically pick up a vehicle to move it...

Well, that happened last week in Portales, New Mexico.

Two football players from Eastern New Mexico University are being called heroes after they rescued a man being crushed by a truck that rolled on top of him.

Chevy Mikaele and Ben Langford were at a church a week ago when they heard the cries for help from John Reilly across the street. Reilly was working underneath his truck when it slipped out of gear, rolling on top of him.

Mikaele and Langford ran across the street, lifted the truck a couple of feet off the ground and pulled a non-breathing Reilly out. Emergency crews arrived and took the man to a Lubbock, New Mexico hospital where he has a cracked spine, his chest crushed.

But he will survive.

Here is a full account of what happened from KOB4 TV in Albuquerque...

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