Friday, November 7, 2014

Katie Nolan Calls Out Entire Fox Sports 1 Team; All of Them

Okay, admittedly, we knew that Brother Jon followed Katie Nolan of FS1, but we didn't. Partially because, well, we weren't really sure about the whole Fox Sports thing. Though admittedly, we think Jay and Dan are funny.

But anyway...

Perhaps the most interesting of them all-- Katie Nolan. We'd heard she has some fun and different takes on things, but apologetically, we haven't paid attention to them.

Until now.

Check out Katie as she tries to get her friends at FS1 a little more love--by throwing a few darts. And yeah, at the beginning, she makes a really good point. It was scary to see how much Internet attention a Bill Simmons Twitter rant drew on Thursday.

Anyway, here's Katie's take on her co-workers, good, bad---or hoping they were uglier...

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