Saturday, November 8, 2014

Morning Wrap: Nooooo! The Vancouver "Green Men" to Retire


May the legend live forever....

For those of you who follow hockey, at some point you've seen the "Green Men". And if you don't know what we are talking about---well, you should learn.

The Green Men are a pair of Vancouver Canucks fans (Sully and Force) who have dressed up in Green Spandex for the past 5 seasons and parked themselves next to the visiting teams penalty box, where they would taunt the visitors.

If you've watched a Canucks home game on TV, you've likely seen these guys and at the very least raised the quizzical eyebrow.

The duo say they'll hang up the spandex at the end of this season. We're a bit skeptical of that, this smell just a bit like a publicity stunt. But for now, we'll play along.

Long live the Green Men...long live Canadian Humor:

The announcements courtesy of the Canucks:

And a greatest hits, highlight music video:

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