Saturday, November 1, 2014

OSG High: Did A Team Go Too Far In Blocking A Special Needs Athlete...???

((HT: ABC 15 Phoenix))

It was the last game of the regular season for two teams in the Phoenix area- Mountain Ridge and North Canyon.

Mountain Ridge was up 40 early in the fourth quarter when they put in an autistic student as a defensive player. North Canyon went on the whistle and played as normal. And when Mountain Ridge's defensive players saw the student getting manhandled, all hell broke loose.

Both benches emptied and the game was called a double-forfeit since both teams had ejections that didn't leave enough players on the field to play the rest of the game.

Mountain Ridge maintains that North Canyon knew about the athlete. North Canyon says they didn't know.

Here's Nohe Graf catching up with the mom and the athlete at the center of it all...

Mountain Ridge finishes 1-9 and North Canyon 0-10 counting the double-forfeit.

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