Monday, November 10, 2014

Sign of a Slow Day: Jets Nick Mangold Snaps Pepsi's to Customers


Okay, if you ever wanted to know what happens on a slow news day, you are about to find out. Two non-football related, sort of funny stories involving the New York Jets in a row.

And we know, this is totally a promotional thing. But it is kinda funny and makes you wonder what would happen if this happened to you.

Check out Jets center Nick Mangold hiding in a display case cooler, waiting for unsuspecting customers to come up and get a cold drink.

In true football form, he snaps the Pepsi's to them as all of them chuckle with glee.

No word on whether the soda sprayed all over the people when they tried opening them. (Shaken up soda bottles do that)

Watch--and enjoy:

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