Thursday, November 6, 2014

The Dirty Dozen and Bottom of The Barrel: What's Happening?

If you don't know what this is...and depending on your age, you might not...look it up.

One thing always predictable about the college football season is its unpredictability. It's the reason there should NEVER be a preseason poll. They are utterly meaningless. Teams get ranked in the preseason based on reputation, not performance. Which is a total disservice to them all.

But enough of that. We all want to know what is going to happen here in the homestretch...

It will all be settled on the field. Right?

Picks: Last week: 8-5---ew...worst week ever. But there is hope. Overall: 97-23. And well, ya know, that's pretty good if I do say so myself. And I do...

So without further adieu, to quote the late, great Casey Kasem, it's "On with the Countdown"


1) Mississippi State 8-0. Okay..we've avoided this for a few weeks now. And the Bulldogs barely escaped last week vs. Arkansas. But they did. However, at some point, the nations worst pass defense will bite them. Just not this week. THIS WEEK: vs. Tenn. Martin, (Really?), Our Pick: Miss St. 48, Tenn-Martin 3

2) Florida State 8-0. Sorry guys. You haven't been pretty...or popular. And you've barely escaped most every game. Admittedly, when you are the big dog, everyone is hunting you. But with all the chaos, often comes confusion. And you've been lucky. But hey, sometimes that is enough. This Week: vs. Virginia, Our Pick: FSU 31, UVA 17

3) Alabama 7-1. We have no idea why everyone underestimates these guys this season. What have they not done? Ok, they lost to Ole Miss in Oxford, not a big shocker. But hey, it doesn't matter. If they win out, they make the playoff. And nobody wants to play them when the Sabanator has time to prepare. This Week: at LSU, Our Pick: Alabama 37, LSU 33

4) Auburn 7-1. Another team that all they do is win. It doesn't matter how, or who, as long as you win. Another team that controls their own destiny and is getting better as the season goes. This Week: vs. Texas A&M, Our Pick: Auburn 48, Aggies 31

5) Kansas State 7-1. The only loss: Auburn. And only because the kicker failed. Do not sleep on this team. They are well coached. And they are well balanced. They are our pick to win the Little 9 (Big 12), because they play defense. We'll know for sure after Saturday. This Week: at TCU. Our Pick: K-State 41, TCU 38

6) Oregon 7-1. This is our pick for the most overrated team. They are not on the level with the top 4 on our list. They just aren't. If you get them down, they will fold. They always do. Yes, Marcus Mariota is awesome, we agree. But he's not enough to win the whole she-bangy...This Week: at Utah, Our Pick: Utah 37, Oregon 36 UPSET!!

7) TCU 7-1. Still trying to figure out how they escaped West Virginia. Thought for sure they were done, but alas, they won it. Another very dangerous team, with a scary good offense. The "D", that's a different issue. Not confident on the finish. This Week: see #5

8) Michigan St. 7-1. Can they win the B1G? Yup. Are they good enough to run with the SEC? Maybe. But win the Big 10, you get to go to the playoff. Even if the rest of the conference is pretty wretched. Connor Cook has been great, and the Defense is solid. This Week: vs, Ohio State, Our Pick: MSU 37, tOSU 31 (would be upset if in Columbus, it's not)

9) Arizona State 7-1. Time for a test. Todd Graham has done a good job here, reviving the program. Outside a brain fart vs. UCLA, they've been very good. Not flashy, just good. But tough times are ahead. Win this week, they could run the table and find themselves in the Pac 12 title game. This Week: vs. Notre Dame, Our Pick: ASU 27, Notre Dame 23

10) Notre Dame 7-1. If you are gonna be a top 10 team, you need to win the games you are supposed to. And Navy nearly came back and beat the Irish. That should never happen. This is a good, not great team in a year full of teams like this. So there's always a chance--This Week: See #9

11) Ole Miss 7-2. Back-to-back tough losses. Really tough losses. This is a really good defensive team that's been inconsistent on offense. They can't win the SEC West anymore, but they might have a say in who does. Hate to see what happened to Laquon Treadwell, that..ooof. Anyway---This Week: vs Presbyterian (huh?), Our Pick: Ole Miss 41, Presby 10

12) Ohio St. 7-1. Yes, I'm ranking them here. It's my poll. And I think they've gotten better every week. The Va.Tech loss hurts though. We like J.T Barnett and this is a stout defense. If only they played at home this week. Oh well...This Week: See #8


This is getting tougher to pick each week. Some of our regulars here are actually winning games. We're so confused. How can we have crappy teams if there aren't any crappy teams.

Oh, wait...then there is SMU...

5) Kent State 1-8. Oh you Kent State. MAC Action---it's fan--tastic. Well, fall and soon winter is up you Golden Flashes. And hey, that means basketball. Which surely will be better than Football. So there's that. Good luck and godspeed. This Week (Nov 12th): at Bowling Green, Our Pick: Bowling Green 38, Kent State 10

4) Idaho 1-8. Go potatoes. You managed to squeeze defeat out of the jaws of victory. You had Arkie State down after 3 quarters and lost by 2 TD's. Hey, enjoy the snow. This Week: at San Diego State, Our Pick: Aztecs 43, Idaho 31

3) Troy 1-8. Well, it's almost over. And brother Jon reported noted H.S Football coach Rush Probst wants to replace Larry Blakely next year. We ask: Why? This season has been an unmitigated disaster and it may not get better anytime soon. Okay, maybe this week. This Week: vs. Ga. State, Our Pick: Troy 24, Ga.State 13

2) Georgia State 1-8. Yes Panther fan, you drop because you had 6 yards rushing and we're left to wither in the Appalachian State snow. Come on now. A little snow and cold won't hurt you. You can do better than that? Right? This Week: See Above

1) SMU 0-7. Good news Mustang fan. You didn't get beat by the Bye last week. Right? You didn't lose that game...did you? Wha? Oh, never mind. Way too many games left (5) none of which really are winnable. So there is that. Good luck in the coaching search. This Week: at Tulsa, Our Pick: Tulsa 21, SMU 3

Here is your song of the week, a good...and different choice from Milky Chance--yes, they are German:

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